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Practice Areas

When you retain the services of The Economics Group what will you receive?

The Economics Group provides high-quality forensic economic support, sound and reliable reports, and clear expert testimony in the following:
  Personal injury    
  Catastrophic injury  
  Commercial trucking accidents  
  Wrongful death
  Employment matters such as termination, harassment, and pay / promotion discrimination    
  Injury or death of newborn, adolescent, and minor children  
  Business losses from injuries to the owner / operator  
  Commercial business damages  
  Present valuation of life care plans  
  Diminished earnings capacity  
  Present value of pension loss due to early retirement following injury or death  
  Business valuation    

The Economics Group provides Statistical and Economic analysis using SAS software for the following:
  Applied statistical analysis    
  Regression and econometrics  

The Economics Group provides other analytic modeling using familiar Excel software in the following:
  Risk analysis    
  Mathematical programming and optimization  

Experience, knowledge, and insight that you can count on

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